Edden Hammons grave

Photo by Doug Van Gundy

Tobias Enevoldsen

Born 1978 in Copenhagen Denmark. Grew up in rural Jutland. Went to both 4th grade elementary school and 9th grade high school in Ithaca, New York. Went to 3 years of art school at the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Art in Dover, New Jersey. Wanted to be a movie director, comicbook artist and musician.  Bought a banjo in 2003. Fell in love with Appalachian oldtime music in 2004. Has been involved in several bands. Has helped organize the annual Kattinge Oldtime Gathering in Denmark.  Has a lovely wife, a sweet daughter and son. Life is good!!

Folk music.

I wish more people would play music – and hopefully together.

Before recorded or broadcasted music, you had to know someone who played an instrument to listen to music. Or play or sing yourself.

Today you just press a button, and the music you hear is passed through computer software and has been neatly polished by talented producers. Music is played by stars and it’s no wonder that most people feel they don’t measure up to those standards. You hear people say: “I can’t sing”, but how many can, if we compare ourselves to present day popular music?

Music doesn’t belong to record companies, tv or big time popstars. What they do should not keep ordinary people from the joys of music creation.

So reclaim music. Learn 3 chords on a guitar, sing however you want, write some raplyrics or create you own music by mixing together tunes from your mp3 collection. That would be folk music!