Storytelling through moving images
No-Budget indie-filmmaking

My work with filmmaking mainly started in 2015. Here are some of the results. Previously my experience has mainly been with pre-production, like storyboarding. I often combine my work with music and filmmaking.


“Far!” – 2018

A father/daughter project.

Shot a short horror film with my daughter, Freja, to celebrate Halloween.



The Remote poster

“The Remote” – 2018

Semi-Finalist: Halloween Horror Fest Tienen 2018 (Belgium)

Narrative short film.
“Dropping the remote under the sofa is not just annoying…it can have serious consequences.”

Strandvænget – 2018

I wanted to make a video showing the lonely beauty of this abandoned mental institution.

Video by Tobias Enevoldsen

Sony A7s
Sony FE 28-70 and Helios 58 mm f2.
Shot, edited and coloring by Tobias Enevoldsen
Music by Arvo Pärt

Turf Rollers: “June Apple” – Music video 2017

In october I shot a music video for Turf Rollers – Oldtime string band.

Featuring our favorite dancer Marcus.
Directed by Peter Lorichs, Camera and cinematography by Tobias Enevoldsen. Assistent director Lucy Clarke. Idea by Jonas Frank Jirhamn. Edited by Tobias Enevoldsen and Peter Lorichs. Coloring by Tobias Enevoldsen.


The Cuckcoo Bird – 2017

I shot and played this classic banjosong (Trad).

Video and music by Tobias Enevoldsen

Sony A7s
Vintage lenses: Vivitar 28mm f2,8, Helios 58 mm f2.
Shot, edited and coloring by Tobias Enevoldsen

The Kattinge Oldtime Gathering – a music teaser


In september 2015 I shot some video and sound at the Kattinge Oldtime Gathering outside Roskilde, Denmark.This resultet in a kind of promotional video for the event. First filming I have been doing with a DSLR camera. It’s been a great learning experiment. I like the result, but there are things I have learned to do differently next time.



“Mirror” – 2017

“There was something strange going on in the rented summer house in France – and it wasn’t just the 1970s decor.”



Appalachian Roadtrip – a musical pilgrimage


In june 2015 I visited parts of Appalachia for about 10 days. A short musical pilgrimage if you will. I am working on a no-budget roadtrip/music documentary about that trip, the region and the music.

appalachian roadtrip



Old Melinda (Burlesque version)

I found that editing film is a lot of fun

Big Hungry Joe performs Old Melinda.
Various old film-bits found online and edited into a music video in the spirit of the 20’s and with content of the 2000s.
(Mature content. Requires youtube profile)