Solo – Foreign Soil

In march/april 2016 I released a solo CD featuring traditional Appalachian music. Specifically music from eastern Kentucky and West Virginia. The music is fiddle-, banjotunes and songs.

The CD is a down home Do-It-Yourself project. I am playing, recording and mixing it myself. The packaging will also be homemade and numered, with a modest production.

Read more about it here.






Turf Rollers – Oldtime Stringband

I play fiddle in this Danish/Swedish oldtime band.

We play American oldtime music. The music is played with great respect for its Appalachian roots but its high energy and slightly modern arrangements makes it a great band for an audience that are not familiar with traditional oldtime music.

The repertoire consists of traditional songs and dance-tunes.

More information can be found on our facebook page.



The Possum Whackers

In 2013 I was asked to join The Possum Whackers and record an album. The band consisted of some of my heroes on the Danish oldtime scene. Ole Rossel, Axel Kanne and John Andersen. I joined the band along with fellow Turf Roller, Peter Lorichs. I played fiddle, various oldtime banjo styles and guitar on a single track.




Big Hungry Joe

For several years I played banjo in the band Big Hungry Joe. My first venture into oldtime music performance. Good times.

In 2008 we released the CD “Hillbilly Hayride”.